About R1D Music Community

Our founders started R1DMusic to solve a major problem: How do we introduce people to the world of technology in a way that is fun and welcoming, not intimidating and snarky? 


R1DMusic was founded with passion and stand out as the world best Music streaming service. The goal was to share with the world their love for Music/Entertainment, and all things tech — but from our unique point of view, that technology should be exciting, easy to use, and well packaged. That vision has grown to be shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world, and our little company has expanded to more than seven offices worldwide and over a hundred amazing and inspirational employees.

We cover products both Digital, Physical and attainable, through a unique lifestyle approach that’s reflected in the way we write about the new products that change and shape lives globally.
We hope that you find R1DMusic to be a useful guide that helps you navigate the complicated world of technology while both are getting you excited and inspired in the process with entertainment.



1.) Authentic through our expertise and voice
2.) Driven by a fierce commitment to always elevate the experience
3.) Connected through meaningful relationships with our audience & partners


Approachable providing a relateable path to knowledge & Discovery
Passionate about enriching people’s experiences with tech….
We have pleasure in what we do, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously


R1DMusic’s goal is to provide a legal solution that keeps the spirit of Groove shark alive – offer a simple way to listen to the music you want for free.


R1DMusic is a free music streaming and online marketing service that lets you discover and share the music you love. You can organize and save your favorite songs in playlists for hours of enjoyment, and create playlists for any mood or activity you like. Share them with your friends so they can enjoy your favorites as well!