R1Dmusic Community Offers Its More Innovative Music Platform to Help Aspiring Artists

R1Dmusic Community is proud to offer its more innovative music community platform to help aspiringartists market their music. Aside from helping artists, music lovers like you can also access your favoritemusic anytime and anywhere you may be.

The said platform comes with amazing features that include the following:

Innovative Credit System

R1Dmusic Community offers a unique credit system wherein the members can add credits to theirwallet. You are also free to purchase ad credits to operate campaigns on your own.

3 Artist Packages, 1 Is a Free Package

The music community platform can offer you with 3 artist packages wherein the 1st package is for free. With these packages, you can create an account and upload music wherein you can post ads. However, you need to pay for that. The second package can be availed in $9.99 per month. In this package, your chance to get 5 bonus credits every month/ and at a yearly fee of $69 You can also get 15 bonus credits each month. With the ads on these packages, you can reach more members and increase your network

Powerful Marketing Tool

In the world of music, it is essential to have a powerful tool to reach with your listeners. Fortunately, R1Dmusic Community can give you a useful tool to market your music or masterpiece. For example, an indie artist can boost the recognition of his or her music to the world through marketing. Thus, the said music platform can allow you to post audio ads that reaches radio/internet radio stations and post images that can promote your music.

Perfect Music Platform for Music Lovers

It cannot be denied that listening to music is among the favorite pastimes of people all over the world. Well, R1Dmusic Community allows you to discover new music. You can directly connect with your favorite artists. Even more important, you can also stay updated about the latest and top songs of the week, month, and year. You can also know the most recent albums and enjoy different music genres that perfectly suits to your standards and taste in music.

Share Your Talent

With the help of R1Dmusic Community, you can have the opportunity to share your talent in music. If you create audio or make music, it is time to share it to a large amount of audience. With this, you can impart your original masterpiece to the R1Dmusic Community. The music platform can also give you access to a large number of fans.

Sell Your Tracks

With the music community platform, you can sell your tracks. You can also have big upload space for your music. You can check advance statistics and connect with your audience.

Do you want to pursue your passion for music? Then, the R1Dmusic Community can be your best partner. It comes with amazing features that will widen your knowledge about music. Furthermore, you can also share your music and get known in the music industry. You can promote your music in a fast and reliable way with the help of the music platform.

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